The Hats We Wear

There’s a shelf by my bed where I keep my hats – an Eddie Bauer cap I took from the lost and found on the last day of my high school job, a blush suede baseball hat from a boutique in the Tri-Cities, a teal women’s’ San Jose Sharks one that I got for Christmas, a among others.

PR is all about hats; but my collection alone won’t garner me any advantage in the PR field, (other than being stylishly accessible in athleisure.)

Being able to switch roles and have an ability to be on-your-feet and versatile was a key point iby CWUs’ Public Affairs Office Director of Research and Content Development, Rich Morenos talk. The metaphor he used, to ‘wear hats’, indicates the importance of being able to adopt different roles within the fields of media and PR. Being able to take new tasks and tackle ideas head-on is innately important in any situation any public relations student could end up in post-graduation.

Based around Moreno’s personal experiences within the fields of journalism and PR, the talk was given to my Advanced Public Relations class and emphasized the point of needing to be able to accommodate and be comfortable with change. While the talk covered Moreno’s own experiences, it also discussed the internal workings of CWU’s Public Affairs Office, and let us know about the behind-the-scenes tactics that the school uses to improve the quality of education.

Moreno, who began his career in journalism, working for small papers, talked about how in the past, the smaller the news source you were at, the more roles you played at the paper. And in the past, as you moved to bigger papers, you’d eventually do less – but, with the role of media today, people are expected to do more and have more skills – whether it be website design, photography, videography, or other skills that will be able to augment any piece of writing someone could put out.

Not only did Moreno talk about different roles within one field, he also discussed the differences between PR for Nevada tourism and PR for a university – he said the tourism industry was much slower paced with less going on in the day-to-day than working for anything related to University PR.

Morenos talk offered a clear glimpse into the life and employment of someone that PR students can all aspire to and work to be.

So maybe my burnt orange porcupine hat that a friend of mine stole and I haven’t seen for over a month doesn’t offer me a distinct advantage in the PR field, but it most definitely can serve as a reminder to remain flexible and versatile in the field of public relations.



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