Hooked on Intro To Mass Media

It was supposed to be a junk class. A throwaway humanity on the way to an AA. I was looking at ‘Intro To Mass Media’ as a burden that started at nine in the morning. As a 17 year old who knew she’d graduate high school with an associate degree, I was more focused on planning my senior trip than finding a career path that resonated with me wholeheartedly. When asked, I’d say I’d teach history or something after rounding out another two years at a university.

But something clicked in that class.

Between talking too much about the printing press and  talking even more about the printing press, I was scoring really well on tests. People asked for my help on assignments and I could write papers without being bored of the topic halfway through.

I was a sponge to every tidbit of information thrown my way in that class.

Communication made sense and resonated with me in a vaguely religious way – I was and continue to be an evangelical communicator, sharing information about the practical ways media has shaped the world with friends and family. It was poetic, knowing that the reality we live in was manufactured by those who are experts at sharing information.

The way that we communicate with others blew me away. And Public Relations is just that to me – it’s factoids, it’s professional, it’s sleek, and is full of both crises and life. Flexibility, extroversion, transparency and emotional pull factor into PR – all of these are deeply important in my worldview.

The field was designed for me.

PR is a fit because of the holistic person I am and aspire to be – there’s something beautiful about thinking in a public relations headspace – you’re creating and managing these worlds, you’re resonating with a wider audience and you’re eliminating potential crises that may arise. Being on your feet and attentive is critical with PR, the idea of constantly having something to do, something to improve upon, speaks to me.

I crave to share information with people and knowing inside and out what something does or doesn’t do. Public Relations is practical for me because it aligns exactly with the worldview that I possess – everything is shaped by perspective, there’s importance in details and that writing is a backbone of our world. Without hesitation I’m able to say that PR is for me, and I’m incredibly fulfilled with the path I’m taking.


A final point: I’m thankful Pierce Community College scheduling a hybrid mass media class that aligned with my schedule of being a nonproductive high school senior. Props to them. I really appreciate it. 


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